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About Us

Del Bosque offer construction consultancy services to a diverse range of clients across the globe.

Highly competent and confident we have worked across the Public Sector, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Commercial, Residential and Healthcare.  We are committed to delivering exemplar and sustainable projects under pinned by transparency and reliability.

The directors of Del Bosque are all highly experienced industry professionals with knowledge across all industry sectors having worked as clients, constructors and consultants.

We have a track record of forming collaborative relationships which deliver great results for clients with increased certainty, high quality and consistency of design, cost and programme.

Our services we offer include projects and programme management, cost management, safety, health environmental and quality (SHEQ) consultancy.

Our company philosophy is simple, we believe in a ‘common sense’ professional approach underpinned by providing clear direction, sound advice, open and honest communications and appropriate, informative reporting.

Our key business driver is to deliver a model of success that sets the benchmark for our client’s projects.

We are proud of the innovation, flexibility, commitment and technical excellence that we bring to projects and we recognise that the opportunity to deliver exemplar projects and property solutions begins with client’s who entrust us with their assets.

We are committed to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable projects of an exceptional standard that go beyond and add value to the specific requirements of our clients.

With a demonstrable and successful track record to date, our goal is to develop great business relationships that last for the long term.

Our aim is to work alongside progressive and likeminded clients who recognise and share our core values and with whom we can develop mutually beneficial opportunities.

We know that the quality of the service we provide can influence key client decisions. To date the majority of our business has been generated by personal recommendation and referral from a range of clients.

We are rightly proud that our clients have a level of trust in our performance and personal qualities that they are prepared to recommend our services to others.

We bring energy and enthusiasm to projects and our aim is to be a ‘safe pair of hands’.  We recognise that we play an integral role in helping clients maximise the potential of their assets.

We listen to our clients and invest time and energy understanding their culture, attitudes and priorities in order to better understand their needs and aspirations.

We strive to ensure that our clients can carry on with their business with a minimum of disruption and stress, safe in the knowledge that their interests are being well looked after.

Our approach is always to be open and honest with clients such that they can plan and make decisions based on robust information. Our goal is to deliver projects that are of high quality, sustainable and cost effective. We aim to provide our clients with high levels of certainty and reduced risk.

Del Bosque are committed to the highest standards of welfare, safety, health and environmental excellence on all of the projects we undertake.

The delivery of inherently safe projects and the continual review and improvement of our approach to welfare, safety, health and environmental standards is a cornerstone of our company culture.  Our view is that working safely cannot simply be an imposed target – safety, health, environmental excellence and welfare is a personal, corporate and an industry commitment.

We recognise and take account of our activities on others including the general public who are not directly associated with us but who may be affected by our activities.

As such it is our overriding policy to conduct and manage all of our activities assuring the welfare, safety and health of any employees, sub-contractors or any others at all times.

We are accredited by Association for Project Safety as Health & Safety and CDM Advisors

At Del Bosque we continually strive to minimise our environmental impact and use our resources efficiently and effectively.  It is our policy to conduct all our business and furthermore to deliver our projects in a manner compatible with the environmental, social and economic needs of the community.

We are committed to:

  • Complying with all Environmental Legislation.
  • Conducting our activities in a manner that will prevent pollution and respect the environment.
  • Continually review and improve to assure that we minimise our environmental impacts in all our activities.
  • Manage an effective Environmental Documented System to comply with ISO 14001:200.
  • Provide environmental training for all employees, promoting respect and responsibility for the environment.
  • Maintain our monitoring programmes to ensure compliance with our objectives and commitments.
  • To maintain a ‘Green Purchasing Policy’ and select ‘Environmentally Preferable Products’ such that the products we select have a lesser impact on human health and the environment when compared with competing products.

Adaptability – The depth of experience not only in areas of our profession but also across various sectors and geographical locations, provides our business with an unrivalled ability to adapt to any and all circumstances.

Collaboration – Equality and respect is reflected throughout the ownership model of the business.  Each director has a breadth of experience and expertise in their own field, be it projects, programme, cost, construction, engineering or management.

Honesty – The act of being honest. The ability to tell the truth and not only talk of it. When we speak of honesty as a core value it encompasses all of our business activities and our expectation is one of total honesty in everything we do.

Sustainability – We strive to evaluate each and every element of the projects we are involved in with the goal of exceeding the our clients brief not only in the most sustainable and environmentally way possible but socially responsible way.

Work-Life Balance – Within our business it is our belief that in order to best serve our clients needs and expectations we must remove any opposition between work and other life roles. We aim to create an environment in which the demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal.

Leadership – Our team pride themselves on possessing many of the key elements required for respectful leadership, elements such as – having Integrity and being personally accountable,  showing the courage to have a vision, to speak the truth and to communicate that clearly, having the perseverance to attain the expertise to deliver great results, the ability to manage and embrace change in a non-judgemental way, recognising the interdependence of the team in order to foster teamwork, collaboration, trust and mutual respect, and to have empathy to value the people and communities impacted by our activities.

Relationships – we believe in creating long term relationships with our clients through mutual respect and achieving common goals. The foundation of these relationship are developed through going above and beyond when needed and providing proactive value add services.

“Bradley Greensmith has always provided a thorough and professional service to Broadgate Estates, he has an uncanny ability to drill down to the root of problems and come back with practical and useful recommendations to our business”

Neil Maclaine
Estates Director, Broadgate Estates, London

“I would like to thank you for the work you have carried out on Water Court. As you know, the Chief Executive and his team visited the site and were all impressed with the quality, the look and the feel. Conscious that it has been your task to bring all the moving parts together to deliver this successfully, it is a credit to you we are very grateful to you”

Bryan Hemmings
Senior Property Manager, Severn Trent Water, Coventry

“The Projects team were very professional & proactive starting right from the constructing phase through to handover with proactive engagement of both contractors & retailers to ensure the projects were successful.

Communication with the Centre team has been clear and consistent which has greatly benefited myself in liaising with the arrival of the new retailers.

I know these points are what would be classed as ‘part of the job’ but I believe the Projects team have delivered great customer service to both the Centre team & pop up retailers alike resulting in a smooth completion”

Jason Strange
Retail Liaison Manager, St Davids Shopping Centre Cardiff, Wales

“Keith was a key member of the South West Regional team for this national programme of works. As part of our performance review system, all our Programme and Project Managers were subjected to a rigorous 360 degree review by all professionals, contractors and clients that measured strengths and weaknesses of management performance and collaborative/partnering ability. Of the 90 managers, Keith was consistently in the top 5 nationally”

Jobcentre Plus National Programme Director

“Keith has an amazing capacity to reduce complex, difficult projects which face a myriad of potential problems, to essential commercial resolutions. By doing so he is able to move a project forward with efficiency and ease.”

Al Tamimi & Company, Dubai